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Proposal Bled, Slovenia

Hi Tina,

Thank you so much for the wonderful arrangements. I couldn't have asked for more - it was absolutely perfect!!! She was so thrilled by the picnic and then the proposal pushed it over the top. You and your team made it all possible.

Proposal Bled, Slovenia

I'm posting this as a resource to all the men out there considering the same thing I went through, I can't highly recommend enough how beautiful of a place Lake Bled is to ask the marriage proposal question to your significant other. I was struggling with finding the perfect place where I could find both privacy and romance to ask my girlfriend... but Lake Bled did not disappoint. Here was the rough itinerary I planned:

1) Late morning walk around the Lake, with a stop at Tito's palace for a cappuccino & Bled cake with a view of the church

2) Picked up simple picnic lunch at the Konzum market (cheeses, meats, fruit, bread, etc.) and hiked up to the top of Bled Castle (15-20 minutes up a steep trail); picnicked to an incredible view of the lake

3) Pletna boat ride to the island; rang the church bell together (make it ring three times and it will grant you/her a wish); carried her up the 99 steps in front of the church as one of their romantic traditions

4) Pletna boat going to Camp Zaka or Milna so that you have a short walk to the opposite side of the lake

5) Final stop: Hiked to the top of one of the hidden best views in all of Lake Bled. At the top, there was a bench with a gorgeous picnic laid out ahead of time with champagne, roses, local exotic cheeses, grapes, strawberries, etc. This was all planned well ahead of time using an amazing local tour company - Divine Travel... see below for details if interesting in planning any time of romantic excursion around Bled/Ljubljana.

It involved at least about 10 miles of hiking throughout the day, so if you are not active, you might want to replace some of the walking I mention with a romantic horse carriage ride or bike, which would cut down the mileage a bit. It was the perfect proposal (her words, not mine) and I can't thank Tina @ Divine Travel enough for her help. She found the spot, sent me detailed hiking instructions, and made all my requests come true for a reasonable price.

Good luck and enjoy Bled!
Malachi Rose