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Wedding in Slovenia at Bled Castle

Your childhood dream of a princess that marries her prince in a fabulous castle can become reality at the Bled Castle. The Bled Castle, which reigns above its surroundings and the charming lake beneath, is one of Slovenia's icons. A wedding in the picturesque castle high atop rocky cliff with a scent of romantic history is unforgettable.

Wedding venue

A lovely part of a wedding at Bled Castle in Slovenia is a coach ride for the couple around Lake Bled or a boat ride in a traditional pletna boat to the charming island with a small church. We will take care of your wedding reception and dinner, as well as the accommodation and wedding party, while you enjoy your special time.

Bled Castle, the oldest Slovenian castle, stands on amighty rock wall 130 meters above the picturesque lake Bled. From the castle, you will enjoy the unforgettable view of the mountains and the lake with a charming little island and an old church in the middle of the lake.

Bled Castle has first been mentioned in 1004. Today, it hosts a museum, a wedding hall and a restaurant.

Bled offers numerous hotels, boarding houses, restaurants and a whole palette of sightseeing and sports opportunities. The Ljubljana international airport is only a 40-minute drive away.

Bled is one of the most scenic tourist places in Slovenia with snowy alpine peaks reflecting in the smooth surface of the lake. In the middle of the lake there is a charming little island, the only island in Slovenia. It is only big enough for a small church that the island has been guarding for centuries.

You can swim in Lake Bled in summer and sometimes ice skate during winter. A tour of the lake with a traditional boat, the pletna, is also a delightful experience. The pletna is similar to a Venetian gondola, only bigger. There is a walking trail around the lake, but if you are in for some more romance, you can take a carriage ride.

A wedding ceremony at the Bled Castle will be pure romance and magic.

Wedding packages



  • Civil wedding ceremony including the cost of registrar’s services for weddings held Monday to Saturday in Bled Castle
  • The cost of a wedding certificate issued on the international form (Vienna, Paris or Hague Convention)
  • The cost of the translation of up to 5 documents into Slovenian
  • Cost of an official translator present at the civil office and during the wedding ceremony
  • Services of two witnesses, if necessary
  • Representative from our office during the ceremony
  • Transfer to the civil office a day before the wedding for the formalities
  • Provision of experienced wedding coordinators (Divine Travel and the wedding venue)
  • Hire of the Bled castle wedding hall (45 minutes) including all taxes and admissions
  • Basic wedding venue decoration (table flowers)
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine opened with a sword
  • Medieval wedding reception led by the Lord of the Bled Castle with live music
  • Bled castle entrance fee for the couple

We can customize the package to meet all the couple’s needs and requirements:

  • Castle wedding
  • A wedding certificate printed in the old castle print house (invitation to the printing house, demonstration, wedding certificate print)
  • Couple can bottle their own wine (one bottle) at the castle wine cellar (filling the bottle with white wine, cork, waxing, seal, certificate)


Wedding documentation


At least 2 months prior to the wedding date, when the documents are sent, you must inform us of the time you wish the wedding ceremony to be held in Bled Castle. At this time, we will need all the original wedding documents required for the civil wedding by Slovenian law (listed below). We recommend you email us scanned documents first to make sure that the documents are in order.

A day or two before the wedding, the couple (and witnesses) will visit the local civil office to arrange the final documentation. An official translator will also be present.


  • Copies of relevant pages of both passports showing an identity picture, details of name, date and country of birth, and date of validity of passports. Passports must be currently valid.
  • Copies of both birth certificates on the international form or officially translated into Slovenian with an Apostille
  • Copies of documents to show that both parties are single – unmarried (translated into Slovenian with an Apostille)
  • Any document relating to a previous divorce, a termination of a prior marriage by death or a change of name (translated into Slovenian with an Apostille)
  • A letter from both parties attesting that they want to get married in Slovenia on the chosen date. This document should bear the current permanent address of each party and their professions.
  • All documents except for copies of the passport must be officially translated into Slovenian equipped with an Apostille. A sworn translator must certify the translation.

Terms and Conditions:
A non refundable deposit of €700 has to be made upon reservation.
The remaining amount is to be paid no later than 7 weeks prior to the wedding date (non refundable)


There are numerous hotels of all categories in Bled, as well as lovely boutique apartments, penthouses and rooms. We will help you select your preferred accommodation.