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Rooms in Goriška Brda

Unforgettable hospitality, home-made wine and delicious Mediterranean and local dishes from Goriška Brda.


Always smiling and good-natured hosts will serve you delicious dishes that will leave you wanting more. Their love of their own high quality wines is illustrated through delightful commentary as they serve the wine. 

Once the gourmet experience is complete, you will be served a cup of coffee in the garden.There you can relax and enjoy in good company of your friends and family. You can also explore wine cellars and nearby vineyards. For an active experience, take a bicycle ride along overpaths and meadows. Time stops in Goriška Brda and you can cast all your troubles aside.


A blend of rosemary, lavender, wine and tarragon flavors and aromas signifies an experience for all the senses. Here you can relax in pastel-colored rooms for two or with a group of your closest friends.

The calm and stimulating environment of Goriška Brda is appropriate for business gatherings, conferences, training courses and other meetings which can take place on site.

Private parking is also available.