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Apartments in Solčava

Fed up with the harmful pollution of the city? Are you a fan of natural materials? Then suites in Solčava, furnished in natural wood and built from wood, rock, oil and wax are just what you need.


Awake with the morning sun and have the magnificent view of mountains be your first morning sight. Have a hikearound surrounding hills and afterwards cleanse your body in a mini wellness center consisting of Turkish and Finnish saunas and a bio spectrum chamber. You can pick mushrooms or make your own herbal tea from freshly picked herbs. During select months, the owners will take you on a guided herb-picking tour, where they will educate you on different herbs, which you can pick and make your own infusionsor take them home as a souvenir. 

For all adrenaline-lovers there are plenty of rock-climbing possibilities, even cave climbing. Everything is possible in Solčava.

In the cold winter months you can enjoy fresh air during a relaxing walk or maybe even a snowy mountain hike. Have a romantic dinner for two or savor local delicacies with your close friends and unwind in the wellness center.


Spacious and comfortable suites are of different sizes and can accommodate from 2 to 6 guests. One is also accessible for the disabled. Both the living room and bedroom are equipped with an LCD-TV. There is also a fully equipped kitchen and an internet connection. While only a few suites don't have a balcony, all suites have a view of the mountains. Bed linens are made from natural materials (cotton, sheep wool), furniture is made from wood, stone, oils and wax and ecologically neutral materials (ceramics, glass) with no harmful emissions such as formaldehyde, varnish, solvents, and thinners. Private parking is also provided.