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Wedding at the Kekec Homestead in Slovenia

A wedding at the Kekec Homestead in Slovenia is a dream wedding in the heart of the Slovenian Alps for the ultimate romance. A wedding at the Kekec Homestead is small and intimate and will stay in your hearts forever.

Wedding venue

Wedding in Slovenia at the Kekec Homestead venue
Kekec is a brave little boy, a national hero character from popular books and movies. He is a fearless shepherd boy who spends his days on beautiful pastures high in the mountains and experiences all sorts of adventures. The movies were filmed in the surrounding Julian Alps and some scenes took place at the homestead which was later entirely refurbished and brought to its original form.

Today the Kekec Homestead takes you to another world. Step into a fairytale, into the world of silence, magical nature, far away from the everyday life. The Trenta Valley is known for its natural beauty and endless choice of adventure activities. No wonder that a part of the Chronicles of Narnia was filmed right in this valley.

Start your day with an unforgettable view of the mighty mountains. When the morning sun melts the morning haze, it is time for a walk through the forest to the emerald Soča River, a bicycle tour on the Soča trail or a hike in the surrounding mountains. You can also simply take some time off and spend a day on the pasture around the homestead, relax in the sauna and enjoy a delicious homemade meal.

The Kekec Homestead is located in the valley of Trenta. There is a 1.5-hour drive to the homestead from Ljubljana. The drive itself is scenic, crossing the Vršič mountain pass in the heart of the Julian Alps. The homestead is a 5 minute walk from the source of Soča River and the nearby mountain hut. You can drive directly to the homestead. There are numerous possibilities for hikes and walks in the surrounding nature. The closest village and a small grocery shop are only a 20-minute drive from here.

Wedding packages

Wedding in Slovenia, Kekec Homestead wedding packages

One of our girls got married on Kekec Homestead and she would undoubtedly do it again.

The Kekec Homestead is ideal for small weddings with up to 30 guests. The ceremony takes place outside, on the green pasture in front of the homestead with magical views of the mountains. As the weather in this area can be moody, in case of showers, the wedding is held inside. The place is decorated with local wild flowers, and the ceremony is conducted by the local mayor. The ceremony is in Slovenian, with the official translator present.

After the ceremony, a lunch or dinner with delicious local specialties will be served outside (depending on the weather). If you are traveling with friends and family, we can organize a party. We recommend you stay overnight and spend a day or more in the heart of this natural sanctuary.



The package includes:

  • The cost of registrar’s services for civil weddings held Monday to Saturday at the Kekec Homestead
  • The cost of a wedding certificate issued on the international form (Vienna, Paris or Hague Convention)
  • Cost of an official translator present at the civil office and during the wedding ceremony
  • Provision of experienced wedding coordinators (Divine Travel and the wedding venue)
  • Representative from our office during the ceremony
  • The cost of the translation of up to 5 documents into Slovenian
  • Transfer to the civil office a day before the wedding for the formalities
  • 2 nights’ accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis
  • Basic wedding venue decoration (flowers on the wedding table)
  • Services of two witnesses, if necessary
  • Recorded music for the ceremony. Music of your selection can be submitted on a CD or USB medium

The package includes:

  • A bottle of champagne served during the ceremony
  • One-tier wedding cake
  • Romantic dinner for the couple (drinks not included) at the Kekec Homestead (6-7 courses)
  • Bouquet for the bride (seasonal flowers in the color of your choice) and a buttonhole for the groom


  • Extra night(s) at the Homestead
  • Live music (guitarist)
  • Photographer

Wedding documentation


At least 2 weeks prior to the planned wedding date, when the documents are sent, you must also inform us of the time you wish the wedding ceremony to be held at the Kekec Homestead wedding venue. The day before the wedding, the couple (and witnesses) will visit the local civil office to arrange the final documentation. An official translator will also be present.

Copies of relevant pages of both passports showing an identity picture, details of name, date and country of birth, and date of validity of passports. Passports must be currently valid.
Copies of both birth certificates on the international form or officially translated into Slovenian with an Apostille
Copies of documents to show that both parties are single – unmarried (translated into Slovenian with an Apostille)
Any document relating to a previous divorce, a termination of a prior marriage by death or a change of name (translated into Slovenian with an Apostille)
A letter from both parties attesting that they want to get married in Slovenia on the chosen date. This document should bear the current permanent address of each party and their professions.
All documents except for copies of the passport must be officially translated into Slovenian equipped with an Apostille. A sworn translator must certify the translation.


If you select the Kekec Homestead for your wedding in Slovenia, you need not worry about where you and your guests will stay after the ceremony.

You and your guests can choose from six suites located in two separate buildings. Each suite is uniquely decorated and named after a character from the tales of Kekec. The owner of the homestead carefully collected and restored many antiques that now adorn the venue. He magically joined old charms together with modern amenities with a remarkable attention to small details that will make your stay unforgettable.