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Rooms with Wellness Luče

Yellow color invigorates, surrounds us with positive emotions and keeps us young. In this house, far away from the city noise, you can take pleasure in those moments of pure calm either alone or with your loved ones.


Enjoy extreme and/or recreational cycling through numerous ravines, valleys and hills.  River Savinja, Slovenia's turquoise-colored wonder is perfect for kayaking, rafting or canyoning.  For beginners we recommend a route from Igla to Luče and for more experienced rowers from Luče to Struge.      

If you are interested in rock-climbing, there are 28 different routes of all ranges of difficulty. Hiking from Raduha and Rogatec all the way to Savinja Alps is an unforgettable experience, one can even try rock-climbing. Fishing enthusiasts can purchase fishing permits and catch many kinds of trout and grayling which swim the local rivers. Getting to know the local culture and history while walking around towns and villages will be the perfect end to a day filled with activities.


Untouched nature, intimacy, wholesome feeling and the kindness of owners will have you coming back again and again.  Each room, painted in colors reminiscent of nature and sun, will make you feel safe and calm...a perfect place to recharge your energy. 

You are offered more than boarding as there are plenty of other treats provided just for you.  In a romantic atmosphere of candles and gentle music one can relax with massage from a professional masseuse, sweat away all problems in Finnish, herbal or infra saunas, unwind in a Jacuzzi ...

Meals made from of freshly prepared, delicious local dishes are offered:

  • 'Savinjski zelodec', a local salami, with herb butter
  • grilled fresh cheese with tomatoes
  • deer medallions in a cranberry sauce and cottage cheese dumplings with roasted apples
  • salad of the day
  • chocolate cake with a raspberry sauce