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Wedding in Slovenia at the Postojna Cave

For all those who dream of a truly special, indescribably enchanting and unique wedding ceremony, we offer the possibility of a wedding in the very heart of the Postojna Cave. The mysterious and beautiful cave will provide a magnificent and unforgettable setting for your wedding ceremony. Nature itself has decorated the hall with 'curtains', chandeliers, pillars and wall and ceiling ornaments that complement the magic of your special moment.

Wedding Packages



  • Cost of registrar’s services for weddings held Monday to Saturday
  • Cost of a wedding certificate issued on the international form (Vienna, Paris or Hague Convention)
  • The cost of the translation of up to 5 documents into Slovenian
  • Cost of an official translator present at the civil office and during the wedding ceremony
  • Representative from our office during the ceremony
  • Services of two witnesses, if necessary
  • Provision of experienced wedding coordinators (Divine Travel and the wedding venue)
  • Cost of hiring and preparing the wedding hall in Postojna Cave
  • Admission for Postojna Cave for up to 20 wedding guests (each additional adult guest will be charged €5 or €2 for children up to 14 years of age)

In the case of booking a wedding banquet or dinner in the Jamski Dvorec manor, the cost of the basic wedding package in the Postojna Cave will be suitably reduced.



  • Champagne, wine, soft drinks
  • Opening the bottle of champagne with a sword by the sommelier
  • Decoration of the reception hall
  • Lunch or dinner
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding extras (flowers, hair dresser, make up, music) upon request
  • Photographer
  • Accommodation
  • Wedding bouquet and button hole for the groom starting from Eur 70,
  • Transfer to the civil office a day before the wedding for the formalities (depending on accommodation location)

We can customize the package to meet all the couple’s needs and requirements.

Wedding venue

The best known cave in the world and the most visited cave in Europe, the Postojna Cave has seen more than 34 million visitors in the last 200 years. For centuries, it amazes with its fantastic labyrinth of underground tunnels and halls, decorated with magnificent stalactites, limestone curtains and columns. The color of the stalactites ranges from white to yellow and red and the cave seems like a timeless paradise.

The Postojna Cave of Slovenia is easily accessible. It is the only cave in the world that offers a unique train ride through its underground arches and halls. A part of the cave is accessible only by foot.

A number of different events take place in Postojna Cave each year, ranging from concerts and festivals to jousting tournaments. The Postojna Cave is also a very special wedding venue. Most of the weddings are held in the Belvedere hall. Weddings can also be held in the ballroom – either in the late afternoon (out of season) or the evening (main summer season). There is a constant temperature of 8 to 10 degrees in the cave, it never rains, and the weddings can be held throughout the year.

The cave train will bring guests to the wedding hall. Weddings in Postojna Cave require no extra decoration, it has all been done by nature over millenia. Your unique wedding hall is waiting, magnificent and magical at the same time.

An undisputed advantage of the two wedding halls is the proximity of the outstanding Jamski Dvorec mansion, located at the entrance ofthe Postojna Cave, where an unforgettable wedding reception can be organized for you.


There is a 4* and a 3* hotel in Postojna. Divine Travel will make all the accommodation arrangements. We will be happy to suggest and book a hotel around Postojna. There are some lovely boutique homesteads that we canrecommend. If the couple wishes, they can also stay in Ljubljana (55 kms) or Lipica (40 kms).

Wedding documentation



At least 5 weeks prior to the planned wedding date, when the documents are sent, you must inform us of the time you wish the wedding ceremony to be held at the Postojna Cave. The day before the wedding, the couple (and witnesses) will visit the local civil office to arrange the final documentation. An official translator will also be present.


  • Copies of relevant pages of both passports showing an identity picture, details of name, date and country of birth, and date of validity of passports. Passports must be currently valid.
  • Copies of both birth certificates on the international form or officially translated into Slovenian with an Apostille
  • Copies of documents to show that both parties are single – unmarried (translated into Slovenian with an Apostille)
  • Any document relating to a previous divorce, a termination of a prior marriage by death or a change of name (translated into Slovenian with an Apostille)
  • A letter from both parties attesting that they want to get married in Slovenia on the chosen date. This document should bear the current permanent address of each party and their professions.
  • All documents except for copies of the passport must be officially translated into Slovenian equipped with an Apostille. A sworn translator must certify the translation.

Documents should notbe more than 6 months old.